Financial Assistance

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Sliding Fee Discount

A sliding fee is offered for those who qualify. Based on your family size and income, you may qualify for a discount of 60 to 90 percent of fees charged for medical services, 30 to 50 percent on covered dental services and 25 to 35 percent on laboratory services. Some minimal charges to the patient apply at each visit. This discount applies to almost all services, but there are a few exceptions. Insurance carriers are billed first; then the discount applies to any remaining balance.
If you are interested, print out the application now, complete it, and mail or bring it in prior to your appointment. You must provide proof of income to be considered. The information is confidential. Those who receive the discount are required to reapply one year afterward or whenever changes occur in income or family size.

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Slide Scale Info Sheet

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Coverage and Assessment Form 2020


Medicaid Application Submissions

COMPASS is the online tool used by Pennsylvanians to apply for Medical Assistance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), home and community based services, energy assistance, the Children's Health Insurance Program, cash assistance, school meals, long term living services, Child Care Works and Early Intervention, intellectual disability and adult autism services.

The myCOMPASS app allows consumers to access benefit information, review their application, check the status of submitted applications, upload documents, submit the Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR) and report changes directly through the app. However, an actual COMPASS application can only be accessed from the "full site" view on the myCOMPASS app, not the mobile view. If using a smart phone to apply, to find the COMPASS application consumers will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "view full site."

The myCOMPASS application for Medicaid is not very user friendly on a small phone screen. In order to submit an application, the full site must be enabled by scrolling to the bottom of the screen on a mobile device. The Department of Human Services recognizes this as an area to improve upon in the future but does not have the ability to construct a fully mobile-enabled website at this time.

Patient Medication Assistance Program

Medication Assistance is a program for our patients in coordination with Pharmaceutical companies that help to provide patients with available medications at no cost to them. Medications are limited to pharmaceutical programs availability and income guidelines. Please inquire at your appointment.

340b Pharmacy Program

340b Pharmacy is a federal program that requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to eligible health care centers. HAHC has teamed up with Fisher's Pharmacy in Bedford, PA, Potomac Valley Pharmacy in Hyndman, PA & Potomac Valley Pharmacy in Cumberland, MD to offer the pharmacy program for our patients. For self-pay and sliding fee patients this program can greatly reduce the cost of prescribed medications. Patients with Medical Assistance do not qualify. Please inquire at your appointment for more information.

Insurance Marketplace Assistance

Beginning November 15, 2014 the Health Insurance Marketplace will open for enrollment into new affordable health insurance plans. We will assist you in finding and getting the Marketplace Insurance that is right for you and your family. We can tell you if you qualify.

We will explain how it works. We will help you see what it will cost. We will help you pick a plan and we will help you with enrollment. We will also speak to your community groups or your employees. All Marketplace services are free and you are not required to be a patient to receive services. Our staff can also help patients with Healthy PA and Medicaid insurance enrollment.


We value your confidence in our practice.

We believe that your understanding of your health condition and active participation in your treatment are important parts of your overall care. Therefore, when a diagnosis is made or treatment is recommended, it will be thoroughly explained and discussed with you.
If you have any questions, we will answer them as fully as we can. If you should have questions or concerns after leaving our office, please do not hesitate to contact us.